How to Cure a Cold with a Whisky Drink



When a person has a cold they can take a number of different pills in order to cure it. A person can also have a whiskey drink for colds. For a number of years people have been using whisky to cure their cold symptoms. There is a whisky drink for colds that will help fight off the child better than most medicines.
A person can drink a little bit of whisky on the rocks to help with their child. If a person does not care for the taste of whisky they can make a drink out of it. Whisky is mixed in a glass with dried orange peel, a pinch of cinnamon bark, and bing cherries. The whisky sits in this mixture for a little while and a person will then drink it. The whisky will help kill the cold germs, and the fruit and cinnamon will give the immune system a boost and add an extra dose of vitamins to the body to help repair the cells.